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Logo is a URL shortening service that provides users with a variety of features to shorten, share, and track their URLs. Thumbnail


Here are some of the features that offers:

  • URL Shortening: allows users to shorten their URLs using a customizable domain name. Users can choose from a variety of domain names, such as,, or, to create a short and memorable URL.
  • Customizable Links: Users can customize their short URLs by adding keywords or descriptions to the link. This feature makes it easier to remember and share links, as well as provides a way to add context to the link.
  • Advanced Analytics: advanced analytics include a range of metrics and data points that provide insights into how users are engaging with the service and how it is performing. Some examples of advanced analytics that could be useful for a URL shortening includes (Click-through rates, Conversion rates, Audience demographics, Device and browser usage, Referral traffic, Social media engagement and Geographic location).
  • Branded Links: allow users to create custom, memorable links that reflect their brand or identity. Instead of using a generic, auto-generated link, users can create a link that includes their brand name, a memorable phrase, or a specific keyword that resonates with their audience.
  • QR Codes: can be used to create a quick and easy way for users to access a shortened link. Instead of having to type in a long URL or remember a complex link, users can simply scan the QR Code with their smartphone to access the linked content.
  • Personalization: allow users to Customize their link's behavior with device targeting, geo targeting, link cloaking, expiration dates, password protection and more.
  • Team Collaboration: allow users to invite their teammates to collaborate on your links. For enterprises, offers SAML SSO for better security with tags & comments, fine-grained permissions, team analytics and more.